who-and-who-in-selfie_20151202061651_1449037011492_block_1Who is Who in a Selfie Culture

The number of people uploaded selfie increases in a rapid growth. It was also matched with the statement that selfie was mainly related with a female. In fact, there is not City in the U.S., where the people are selfish (Read more).

_DSC3228Selfie Demographics

Selfie enables ordinary people becoming extraordinary people. In addition, there are sixteen types of selfies recorded so far. There might be any surprising facts about selfie (Read more).

away from home2-iksanderThe Scientist talks

one important question is how to explain this selfie phenomena blending into a society. How the sociology explains it as pop cultural an a long last trend as well (Read More)

who-and-who-in-selfie_20151202061651_1449037011492_block_0Fresh Responses on Selfie

It was quite interesting to get to know fresh responses from young people that we never know how he/she thought about Selfie. In addition, there might be a person did not like doing selfie. others love to do it (Read more).


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