wedding selfie 3A Daily Life Selfie

The collection of photo was aimed to show some regular and general selfie that commonly taken by people around us. It could be a person who want to capture her best dress (Read more)


ontaThe Extreme and Selfie Gone Wrong

There will be pictures were taken from the top of the building or statue. There are also selfies taken from the plane which is still on the sky. These people perhaps do more than smiling and posing natural, they dare themselves to be the ultimate extreme selfies (Read more).

mummy selfieMy First Mummy Selfie

Masud, a male with strong enthusiasm with selfie as the new medium to socialize. This time he tried another unique Selfie style, the Mummy Selfie (Read more)


_DSC9782Selfie as a Universal Language

Women took more selfie than men. Was it really true that selfie was so segmented just for female culture. Because selfie is alike a universal gesture language since it enables people around the world to communicate (Read more).



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