The Extreme and Selfies Gone Wrong

Selfie sometime attracts a person to do more than regular pose. Some pictures below will show some extreme selfies that were taken in extreme condition where few people will do it. There will be pictures were taken from the top of the building or statue. There are also selfies taken from the plane which is still on the sky. These people perhaps do more than … Continue reading The Extreme and Selfies Gone Wrong

Fresh Responses on Selfies

This was interview with different people about their personal opinion on Selfie. It was quite interesting to get to know fresh responses from a person that we never know how he/she thought about Selfie. One person did not like doing selfie. Others love to do it just with all friends in his class meanwhile a girl loves doing it every day. This was actually about … Continue reading Fresh Responses on Selfies

The Scientist Talks

The fact that one million selfies were taken each day reveal that there might be more than millions of users. Another research found that women are the biggest users and they post more pictures than man. It was not surprising since then a survey found women are more enthusiasm to post selfie into social media or mobile application. However one biggest question is how to … Continue reading The Scientist Talks

Selfie as a Universal Language

Selfie is alike a universal gesture language since it enables people around the world to communicate through some kind of picture which also represents some certain meanings, as Dr. Nate Chapman, an assistant professor of Sociology of Arkansas Tech University (ATU) said. This video is also about Taylor Summerville, a sophomore of ATU telling her experiences with Selfie. Therefore, the video also illustrates how a … Continue reading Selfie as a Universal Language

Selfie Demographics

The number of people upload their selfie increases in a rapid growth. It was also matched with the statement that selfie was the female stuff. This info graphic will reveal the statistic and fact about selfie based on country and gender. Find it more at this info graphic below. The Millennial generation is the most population who uploaded selfies on social media. Perhaps the picture … Continue reading Selfie Demographics