@branson missouri with friendsI am Iksander and currently a graduate student of Multimedia Journalism at Arkansas Tech University. This project is part of Multimedia Publishing, the course that I am taking on.

Selfie is something that attracted me because of its rapid growth as a new phenomena during the digital age. It is widely used especially by the younger generation called as Millennial Generation. Facebook and Instagram are the two most social networking site used by this generation.

Through the site, I am exploring the history of selfie and its development by using multimedia layers such as : video, audio, info graphic, texts and photography. As a journalism product, the stories inside were made based on some researches and interviews with some people.

For more information, please kindly contact me : aksansanjaya@gmail.com

Facebook : Aksansanjaya

Twitter     : Aksansanjaya

Instagram: Aksansanjaya

Youtube  : Aksansanjaya


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