The Extreme and Selfies Gone Wrong

Selfie sometime attracts a person to do more than regular pose. Some pictures below will show some extreme selfies that were taken in extreme condition where few people will do it. There will be pictures were taken from the top of the building or statue. There are also selfies taken from the plane which is still on the sky. These people perhaps do more than smiling and posing natural, they dare themselves to be the ultimate extreme selfies. All pictures were taken from the sites such as,, or

However, there are some selfies that gone wrong and become viral which the author did not realize the mistake. These pictures below exposed some of selfies gone wrong. It might be funny but it was embarrassing too.

Finally, one of the important questions is to explain the selfie phenomena get blending into a society.  Additionally, How the sociology explains it as pop cultural and the durability it has for the coming years. Find it the explanation with a scientist on ” The Scientist Talks.”



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