cropped-header-bw.jpgA recent study by Pew Research Center poll found that 55 percent of adults between the ages of 18 and 33 had posted a selfie to a social media site. It reveals this type of self portrait become a crucial a part in their daily life. In addition, selfie was sometime done by celebrities even the president. Research found out that selfie was not only about posting your image, Research has shown that adults make emotional connections to what they see posted online, and that their behaviors and decisions are influenced by how peers in their social network are interacting. People often feel envy, loneliness and generally worse about themselves after perusing their friends’ party pictures, for instance
This project will explore and describe Selfie as the social digital phenomena and how far it can affect the user as well as the community where the user is living in. To understand the whole issues, it is important to understand that selfie was already part of human story. Vincent Van Gogh with dozen of Van Gogh’s self-portraits during 1853-1890 might be the old one that echoes a strong selfie.

The reader might begin to read the “Selfie; the Art of History of Self-Freedom” as the starter.

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